Player Profile: Eden Hazard

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Eden Hazard’s performance against Brazil a few days ago was one of those performances that are remembered forever. He didn’t score, nor assist a goal in that game, but he was still the best player.

When your team needs to defend against very talented attackers, you need to have a player like Hazard. Hazard allowed his defenders to rest so many times during the game. He just took the ball and the Brazilian footballers couldn’t find a way to take it away from him.

He actually made a record in the game against Brazil. He completed all 10 take-ons that he attempted. He also had 78% passing accuracy; he created 4 chances; he won 4 aerial duels and was the most fouled player on the pitch. Truly amazing performance.

Eden Hazard Performance Indicators (UPIs) 2017-2018

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”6″ gal_title=”Hazard”] Now it should be his time to make his name among the greats. He eliminated Neymar a few days ago and Messi and Ronaldo were already sent home. He is maybe the most talented player still playing in the tournament. He needs to take his chance and lead his country to glory.

His performance in the quarterfinal wasn’t a surprise for the Chelsea fans or for all other football fans that have followed him closely in the past years.

These are his Football-IQ stats for the 2017/18 season.

He is one of the most offensively productive players in the Premier League (99%). He is amazing in creating chances (99%), making key touches (96%), ability on the ball (93%), making runs (98%), finishing (90%) Hazard is the complete attacker.

His passing chart is out of this world too. He is one of the players that make the most assists (91%), the most passes in the box (99%), passes to space (96%) and intelligent passes (94%).

We all know how good Hazard is. But, aside from winning the Premier League, he hasn’t achieved much more. This World Cup is probably his chance to win one of the most important trophies in football and then go on to win the most important individual award – The Balon D’or.



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