Player profile: Dejan Lovren

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Dejan Lovren is one of the most criticized and at the same time the most controversial defenders in the world. However, he is having a great World Cup, like the whole Croatian team.

He is known to make some unnecessary comments in the media after every game where he’s played well. For example, this was his reaction after the semifinal against England:

This feels incredible, especially after everything that was said about us before the game. We showed our character. We showed that we deserved to be in the final and people should respect us. Sometimes, the criticism is unfair and people should respect me also. Without being arrogant I think I have proved to be one of the best defenders in the world. Definitely.

But this criticism is what gets me more motivated to work harder and prove everyone wrong. Everyone. From today, everyone in Croatia and around the world saw we managed to make history. In 20 years’ time, people will remember us, and not just the team from 1998. That is why I am proud, and now we have one game to make people remember us forever.”

The English media actually reminded the people of Lovren’s performance against Harry Kane in the first part of the past season. Lovren made a mistake in the first two Tottenham goals and then was substituted off in the 31st minute.

While Lovren isn’t as bad as some might say, he isn’t one of the best defenders either. With comments like that, he will only drag attention to his name and everybody will wait for his next mistake.

Dejan Lovren isn’t one of the best defenders in the world because he hasn’t been constantly on the highest level. Yes, he has played a great World Cup and he was good at the end of the past season. However, that’s not enough time to consider him one of the best.

Lovren should first of all concentrate on the upcoming final and then try to get better in the next season. Virgil Van Dijk is a much better defender, and yet you won’t see him talking about himself in that way. This is what he said only a few days ago:

I can improve in any aspect of the game. At the moment, it’s getting back to full fitness, making sure I’m getting better and stronger than I was before. I will work every day and do everything possible and no doubt it will happen.

These are Lovren’s defensive and passing stats according to Football-IQ:




You can clearly see that he has some great numbers. However, he needs to keep doing things on the pitch. Talking outside of it will do him no good.


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