The referee that nobody wants!

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Nestor Pitana will be the referee officiating the match between France and Uruguay. In an ordinary situation, no team would be against this referee as he is one of the favorites to officiate the World Cup final.

However, this is a different situation. Nestor Pitana is an Argentine referee. That’s where the problem arises. France doubt his partiality because they were the ones to eliminate his country in the previous round.

On the other side, the Uruguayans don’t want Pitana to be the referee because of their rivalry with the Argentinians. They don’t want their destiny in the World Cup to be decided by an Argentine.

FIFA could have avoided comments like these from both countries and could have appointed a more appropriate referee. No one should doubt Pitana’s professionalism, but this situation could have certainly been avoided.

After all, the referee’s career will depend on how he performs in this match. If the game ends with no officiating mistakes, he would have bigger chances to be the referee in the World Cup final.

Nestor Pitana is one of the best referees until now in the tournament. He was in charge of the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia, Mexico against Sweden and Croatia against Denmark.

In all of these matches, he was impeccable. He deserves to officiate a quarterfinal. However, maybe he should have appointed to a different match.


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