“We haven’t won with this referee”

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There was a lot of talk in the media about the referee in the match between France and Uruguay. In the press conference today, “El Maestro” Oscar Tabarez was also asked about the Argentine referee Nestor Pitana.

He seems to not have a problem with the fact that the referee will be from Argentina, but he has problems with something else:

Nobody has every asked me about a referee before a game and now they all ask me because he is from Argentina. I want to tell you something else: we have never won with this referee!

” I’m just saying what has happened until now. He is a good referee, with experience and it doesn’t really matter that he is from Argentina. It’s just that fact: we have never won with him. ”

Nestor Pitana has officiated 4 Uruguay games so far. “ La Celeste ” has drawn in 3 games and lost one. The first one was a friendly against The Netherlands in 2011 (1-1). The second one was against Chile in the World Cup qualifiers in 2013. Uruguay lost that game 2-0. In 2015, he officiated a Uruguay game again, this time against Brazil (2-2). The last one was against Colombia in the latest qualifiers (2-2).

In all of these games, Uruguay only really blamed the referee in the game against Chile, because they claimed that he didn’t give them two clear penalties.

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