Janne Andersson: We want to play in the semifinal!

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Sweden keeps on winning in this tournament. They only lost to Germany with the Kroos free-kick and they won all the other three games. They are one of the hits of the tournament mainly because of their discipline at the back. They only conceded two goals and they were both in the match against Germany.

The man behind this disciplined and balanced side is Janne Andersson. He took the charge of the Swedish team in 2016 and managed to qualify for the World Cup. That was a big success for Sweden since they hadn’t played in a World Cup since 2006.

Today after the game against Switzerland, the Swedish crowd chanted his name. The man totally deserves this. He created a compact team without any stars, but with great will. He was criticized when he didn’t call up Ibrahimovic, but no one doubts him now.

This is what he said after the game at the press conference:

” It was unbelievable when I heard the fans chanting my name, but football is a team sport and I think that this whole team deserves the chants. We all work hard for each other, on and off the pitch. We deserved this success and we are so happy. But, we will try to forget this match. There is a new game upon us. This success will not satisfy us, we will try to win the next match and qualify for the semifinal. “

The Swedish team was on the verge of elimination after the second game against Germany, but they turned their situation around with the 3-0 win over Mexico. They are in a great momentum right now. Andersson’s words show that they will not stop and will try to go as far as possible.

The only Swedish player who will miss the quarterfinal is Albin Ekdal. He got his second yellow card in the game against Switzerland and will be suspended.


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