4 Unique Facts You Never Knew (About this World Cup!)

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The World Cup is finally nearing its end Belgium are playing England at the Saint Petersburg stadium for the 3rd position play-offs and – the grand tournament hasn’t been short of any excitement.

There have been few epic comebacks and some hard earned great victories from the unexpected teams. The fans have also been wonderful throughout the tournament. However, there are some intriguing things to be remembered for some set of fans, if not all.

Notably, The winners from 2014 World Cup Germany were knocked out of the Tournament in the Group Stages after a defeat on the final match day against South Korea. Croatia will be playing their first ever World Cup final against France.

Here are more 4 unique facts about the World Cup that you never knew.

No Bicycle Kicks!


Despite the 161 goals scored so far (till the England vs Croatia game), we haven’t seen a single Bicycle kick goal. All due to the fact that Players are keeping it simple and not fancy.

Most Own Goals!

This world cup has also seen the most number of goals scored from own goals and set pieces, 69 goals scored from set pieces and 5 own goals so far – with two games still remaining.. (highest)

Highest # of Foreign Players.

82 Players weren’t born in the countries they were representing. 50 of them are born in France – the highest number of players by a single country in a World Cup ever.

Introduction of VAR.

It was the first time in any Major tournament that VAR or VideoAssistantReferees was put in action. Although the introduction of VAR has been criticized for making errors in judgment by a set of fans – most remarkably by Moroccan fans – But it has proved to be extremely effective in most cases. It is seen as a step forward in justifying the decisions that are made in the heat of the moment.

Surely there are many other unique things happening at this World Cup that we might have missed out on! Do you know any of them? If yes, you can start a discussion below with it. We would love to hear from you!

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