William Carvalho: The most valuable free agent

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William Carvalho has been linked to several Premier League teams for ages. He was a key member for his national team in all youth ranks. This summer he played again a big part in his senior national team in the World Cup. He was one of the best players of Portugal. 

After a certain scandal in the Portuguese team Sporting Lisbon, Carvalho is a free agent as of this summer. Reportedly, the club president had ordered some fans to harm the players and the coach of the team. After that incident, most of the players have rescinded their contract and are now free agents. One of them is William Carvalho.

Carvalho was an integral part of the Portuguese team that won the European Championship in 2016. Previously, in the 2015 u-21 championship he was even presented with the player of the tournament award.

For those that haven’t watched him regularly, he is a player that resembles a lot like Yaya Toure. He has a great ball control and with his 186 cm he is a physical player with a great stamina. He is also a great passer of the ball and he is great in the air.

Actually, any of the top teams in the Premier League could very well use William Carvalho. He could play together with Kante, or be his replacement in Chelsea. He can add some competition in Manchester City’s midfield and he could be of great importance in Arsenal, Tottenham or Manchester United. 

These were his Football-IQ stats for the past season.

He was the midfielder to start all the attacks in Sporting. He is very good in almost all passing areas, especially in promoting possession (94%), making construction passes(92%) and passes to advanced positions (92%). 



Analyzing his defensive chart, we can conclude that William Carvalho is a complete defensive midfielder. He is solid in every section.



William Carvalho has delivered great numbers in the World Cup too. He completed 233 passes in the 4 matches he played. He also  recovered 18 balls and had 4 clearances.

Taking into consideration all of these and the fact that he is a free agent, William Carvalho will definitely have several offers and he should be a solid addition for most of the European teams.

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