Comparison: Lukaku vs the greats!

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Romero Lukaku has lighted up the world after his fantastic performance against the Brazilian favorites. Lukaku was a constant threat to Alisson’s goal and managed to get an assist in the game.

After the game he said this:

I knew exactly what to do vs Brazil, because I played in the same system before under Martinez at Everton. I helped Hazard and De Bruyne during the game by explaining what positions they had to take and what they had to do on the pitch.

Roberto Martinez has probably found a way to exploit Lukaku’s abilities in the best way possible. Lukaku was given freedom in the game and he used it properly. He lost only a few duel throughout the whole game and he played against players like Thiago Silva and Miranda.

To show you exactly how good Lukaku was in the past season we can compare his offensive stats with the best strikers. He was criticized in the past that he only scores against small teams. Well, the game against Brazil is the proof that this statement is completely false.

Out of the first Football-IQ chart, we can only conclude that Lukaku and Harry Kane have similar qualities. Kane was only significantly better than Lukaku in retaining possession and Lukaku was actually better in most of the other offensive sections. Yet, a lot of people would disregard Lukaku immediately and claim that Kane is much better. The numbers prove them wrong.



Lukaku – Lewandowski:



Lukaku – Suarez 



Lukaku – Cavani 



Out of all these charts, we can see that Lukaku is on the same level as the best central forwards in the world. He is still only 25 yours old and he could get a lot better than this. The £75 million that Manchester United paid last year can prove to be a bargain if Lukaku continues to grow as a footballer.

His next challenge is France in the World Cup’s semifinals. He will be playing again against one of the best central defenders in the world (Varane and Umtiti) and will try to repeat his performance from the quarterfinal.

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