Alisson Becker: The Brazilian Wall

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Before the World Cup everyone was talking about Alisson Becker’s future. Liverpool and Real Madrid were just some of the European giants that were interested in the Brazilian goalkeeper.

It seems that after the tournament big money will be spent on Alisson. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the tournament conceding a goal only once in 4 games. Together with his defense, they created a wall for the opposition. Whoever wins between Belgium and Japan will have a mountain to climb to score.

Alisson Becker had his breakout season in Roma after being the cup goalkeeper in 2016/17. He impressed everyone and now Roma could make a fortune by selling him. Large amounts of money are mentioned together with his name.

In a recent interview for The Players’ Tribune he thanked his brother for everything that he has become. His brother is a goalkeeper too.

For everything I have accomplished, I have to thank my brother.

You see, since we were playing the same position for the same club, people were always comparing us. They were like, “Is Alisson gonna be as good as Muriel?” Some said yes, some said no. I didn’t really want to compare myself to my brother … but he gave me something to aim towards.

As a professional, I had to compare myself to those who were above me, you know? I always wanted to be better than him, but he’s also super competitive, so he never wanted to lose to me. So in this period at Internacional we were training hard every day — and I do mean every day — and neither of us wanted to be worse than the other. And let me tell you, that was a huge source of motivation for us. When I was tired, he’d say, “Come on bro, let’s do some more!” And I’d do it.

And when he was tired, I’d tell him, “Move it, old man! Look at me — I’m just a kid, and I’m still beating you!””

The fact that he won the goalkeeper position over Manchester City’s Ederson should also tell you something. According to Football-IQ data he was maybe the best all-round goalkeeper in Serie A.

This his statistics in the past season:

He was better at goalkeeping than 92% of all goalkeepers in the Italian League and was a better Sweeper Keeper than 96%. He wasn’t the best in controlling the area (65%), but he can learn that in the future as he is only 25 years old.


Brazil has all the odds to win this tournament in large part because of their great defense. Alisson Becker is one the players that bring calm to the team and he would be a valuable reinforcement to any top European team.




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