About Us

Two years ago we embarked on a journey with the vision of altering the analytics landscape in football.

  • What is the most efficient method to address data-scouting?
  • Can it efficiently be combined with technical scouting remarks?
  • Can we produce an easily digestible, straightforward analysis about performance & ability of a player without the need for access to video footage from stage 1?

On a practically zero budget and after lots of part-time work Football-IQ has reached its first destination.

There’s still lots of distance to be covered until we reach our planned final destination -approximately 2 years- our startup is still fresh & unexposed, our models are still immature and flawed and we are still devoting ourselves to the project on a part-time basis. We are aware of our situation and we continue working on constantly improving.

We might be providing our services to football clubs & football professionals  but we cannot leave out of the equation the heart & soul of the game: the fans

We identify ourselves with you & we can never forget the ethical support & psychological boost from football aficionados around the world while building our models, the platform, the portal! You were behind us in every step, you kept us going through thick and thin!

Projectworldcup.com is only a small sample of what’s about to come & it’s dedicated to all football lovers around the world, a “by the fans-for the fans” initiative.

We hope you enjoy! Hopefully, with your support, we will manage to keep this project alive for the upcoming season covering at least the top-5 European leagues.

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